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FOWA 07: Inspiring

Future of Web Apps 07 was, like last years event, inspiring. It’s fantastic to see what innovations others in the industry are producing, very often from a really simple idea and limited resources, and get the all-important background on how and why it was done. A few highlights …

  • Tara Hunt (citizenagency) on what makes successful online communities.
  • Matthew Ogle from with anecdotes about their early days and insights into attention data and trust
  • Werner Vogels giving an overview of the services Amazon offers developers.
  • Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo on Flickr’s “interestingness” concept (attention data again) and the new and visually stunning yahoo pipes
  • Kevin Rose on adapting to emerging user behaviour and APML, attention profiling markup language
  • Simon Willison talking about the possibilities of OpenID
  • The guy from soocial … great product, enthusiastic guy, easily the most entertaining and engaging presentation of the whole event.

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Another day, another blog.

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