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So what am I supposed to believe, the Stupidity of Crowds or the Wisdom of Crowds ? Okay, I know, it’s not that black and white, but an interesting contrast all the same.

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Public debut for the EUB

Well, I’ve just played the Electric Upright Bass in public for the first time, at a London Jam. I think I did the right thing holding off on this for 15 months. Not only did nobody remark on the bum notes (there were a few) but I lost count of how many people, friends and strangers, made a point of coming over to tell me how great it sounded.

Feeling pretty chuffed, actually :)

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Mapping The Backlog

This post about creating the product backlog as a map deserves more attention than I’ve given it so far, but I really like the idea and I’m coming back to it. Wish we’d been able to use it when we were redeveloping our current application in rails.

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