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Ken Schwaber talks Scrum at Google

Another enlightening video from Ken Schwaber.

Particular points I took away from this one.

  • In the sprint, aim to deliver everything. Done. Software written, UATed, documented, load tested, ready to roll.
  • In scrum, you get news early (good or bad). From sprint 2, you should be able to begin making projections about how long the rest of the project will take.

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New Bass

Rob Allen Deep 5 Bass
woo hoo !

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Dealing with Bugs in Scrum

A recent post on the Scrum Development list detailed a way of dealing with bugs in scrum. While it’s a bit unconventional, in that the sprint backlog changes mid-sprint, I’ve got say I like it. Might even be adaptable to dealing with other priorities changing mid-sprint (genuine new, urgent, user stories) which is more likely to happen to me.

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RejectConf: The Best

My entirely arbitrary and prejudiced selection of the best of RejectConf at RailsConf Europe.

list_for a rails plugin to help with displaying sortable lists.

macistrano a native mac application for running capistrano.

braid does for git repositories what piston does for svn repositories.

conductor makes it easier to deal with rails actions that update more than one object.

Most entertaining presentation: Definitely Matthew Rudy with his plugin make_specs_better.

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rewrite the code from scratch ?

The quote is new to me, the concept is not.

The single worst strategic mistake that any software company can make: rewrite the code from scratch. (Joel Spolsky)

I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I agree that rewriting software from scratch is a painful process, so it’s good to see that affirmed. On the other hand, someones just given the thumbs down to the project that’s occupied the last 2 years of my life.

Still, the project is pretty much complete. Let’s hope we’re the exception to the rule.

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