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Visualisation Rules

I’ve achieved two of my objectives in implementing Kanban, and they’re both down to the visualisation of workflow.

The products stakeholders were introduced to the Kanban board yesterday.

All I had to say was “pink and purple are emergencies and support tickets, yellow is the coding you want us to do, and the flow is left to right” and they got it. They got a message that coders have been trying (unsuccessfully) to convey to them for many years. Yes, ad hoc stuff gets in the way of scheduled development. (The green, by the way, is tasks the team has found they need to do to facilitate other work)

The second success came at the end of the stakeholder meeting when they spontaneously decided (no prompting from me) that they needed to prioritise the ad hoc stuff against the scheduled stuff, and we walked over to the Kanban board to do it.

The power of visualisation.

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